Willows Working Group: petition with crime propaganda circulated in 12/92
Willows Working Group: Flyer 3/93 goals and standards with critique by SOS
East Palo Alto Willows - the dominant factor
The Preferred Plan targeting EPA Willows traffic
The IKEA crisis - letter from City of MP to calm Willows fear of IKEA traffic impact
The La Hacienda Market crisis

SOS petition circulated beginning 1/94
Willows Traffic Facts - compiled in '94 to aid SOS petitioners

SOS Flyers:
Announcing SOS: history, what we stand for, major concerns, what to do
City's survey: preceding phase II, what to consider, traffic circle problems
Personal message to signers of SOS petition: attend public meetings and be counted
City Council candidates, environmental issues - soiled diaper 4 months in Gilbert/Central circle
Map - potential phase II obstacle saturation
SOS critiques temporary landscaping to improve image of ugly traffic circles
Alert: neighborhood meeting - body count important, what else to do
Alert: late addition to Council agenda - possible removal of some obstacles
Phase II plan details - graphic of likely diversion, effect on emergency response, etc
City Abandons Pretense of Fairness - "trial" extended, new divide and conquer protocol
Protest new Palo Alto barrier targeting Willows residents
Council candidates, property values, the new protocol, SOS steering committee personal statements
This too shall pass - La Hacienda robberies no case for street obstacles
Wakeup call: new Willows maze backed by City, Council to consider conflicting versions of NTMP

Local news headlnes - early '90s

Timeline of Willows Traffic Plan and its aftermath


Portland RTMP (433kB) model for the Interim NTMP Protocol for the Willows

Interim NTMP Protocol for the Willows model for the City of Menlo Park NTMP

City Council NTMP Guidelines

City-wide NTMP as approved 11/16/04:

'08 - '11 Willows Area-wide Traffic Study: As rejected by Council; Features deleted shortly before; Overall critique of the plan


Palo Alto Weekly Guest Opinion - on the leverage enjoyed by traffic activists and why the supermajority approval threshold is needed to level the field: